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Traditional links with an international dimension: this is how the business philosophy of Hönes Uhren GmbH of Titisee-Neustadt can be summed up in one sentence. Hönes Uhren was founded in 1950 by master watchmaker Daniel Hönes. In 1984 the company was taken over by Wolfgang Trenkle, who still runs it today. The creative businessman comes from a family long associated with the watchmaking tradition of the Black Forest. No wonder he built his first cuckoo clock when he was young. He has been designing special creations for his own business for 30 years, realizing the dream of his life.

Hönes now offers 450 different models. From small 20 cm cuckoo clocks to majestic grandfather clocks, the range of Hönes Uhren GmbH includes all types of prices and styles: traditionally carved clocks with hunting motifs, dream houses of the Black Forest and Highest quality modern designs that make the heart of every cuckoo clock fan beat.

Almost 60 employees in the Neustadt district ensure that Hönes watches continue to gain popularity. The hallmark of the company is the elaborate decorations and the company logo instead of the 12 on the dial. With this emblem, you are safe to hold an original cuckoo clock from the Hönes Black Forest.

Regional materials are used almost exclusively for production: the wood for the case and the sculptures come from the Black Forest at home, the clocks are also made of brass directly in the watchmaking region. The experience of Swiss neighbors is only used for musical works, which build incomparably good works in an age-old tradition.

The traditional but high quality cuckoo clocks coming directly from the Black Forest are very popular all over the world and have become a popular symbol for Swiss culture. Many tourists take the opportunity to buy a Hönes cuckoo clock during their holidays in Europe. Wolfgang Trenkle was one of the first to recognize the importance of the world market outside of tourism for the regional watch industry. With the international orientation of his company, he succeeded in making Hönes the world market leader in the field of cuckoo clocks. The annual catalog is now published in eight languages in order to offer international customers the best possible image of the cuckoo clocks.

Cuckoo clock 8903T

SKU: 8903T
  • BRAND : Hönes
    MOVEMENT : 8 Days
    HEIGHT : 41 cm/16.1¨
    WIDTH : 46 cm/18.1¨
    DEPTH : 26 cm/10.2¨
    WEIGHT : 9.0 kg/19.8 lbs
    CUCKOO SOUND : Every half and full hour
    MUSIC : Every half and full hour
    MELODIES : 2, alternately playing
    SHUTOFF : Manual Night-Shutoff
    MOVING ELEMENTS : Dancers, Mill Wheel, Milker

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