Hekas® / Helmut Kammerer cuckoo clocks

Anyone who grows up at the Kammerer house in Schonach will be born with a love of watchmaking. Founded by Helmut Kammerer in 1938, the company is now run by the third generation of Uwe Kammerer. Decades of experience and love for the cuckoo clock are reflected throughout the production until the clock is over. The Helmut Kammerer watch factory, Hekas for short, has its own carpentry, in which the cases and the blanks for sculpture are still made. Only experienced master craftsmen are responsible for it. A Hekas cuckoo clock is therefore always a unique piece.

The junior manager himself has undergone extensive training in order to fulfill his demanding function. After training as a wood mechanic and toolmaker, he attended the famous watchmaking school in Furtwangen and is thus perfectly equipped to lead the company to the future. Under these conditions, it is possible that, on the one hand, new creations are not only developed internally at Hekas, but also produced on site. Of course, mainly regional materials such as linden or fir wood from local forests or the Black Forest clock industry Regula are treated. The reference to the house and the control of the stages of production are important for Hekas cuckoo clocks in order to meet own quality requirements. Each watch is suspended for 12 to 24 hours and subjected to a detailed test. It is only then that she can leave the Hekas cuckoo clock factory to bring a real piece of the Black Forest to the world.

Cuckoo clock 3974/8

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