Large Pocket Knife with Needle-Nose Pliers

The Victorinox Ranger Grip 74 Swiss Army Knife is designed to take on any challenge. With 14 functions, including needle-nose pliers and a locking blade, it's the perfect companion for the problem solver. And the nonslip ergonomic scales will always keep you in control.

Ranger Grip 74

SKU: 0.9723.C
    1. key ring
    2. toothpick
    3. tweezers
    4. can opener
    5. screwdriver 3 mm
    6. large blade
    7. bottle opener
    8. screwdriver 5 mm
    9. wire stripper
    10. reamer, punch and sewing awl
    11. needle-nosed pliers
    12. wire cutter
    13. nut wrench
    14. corkscrew

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