Model 1226-02-04 Melodika

The smallest mantel clock with triple chime movement: Contemporary mantel clock, solid chrome plated brass case with beveled front and arch crystal glass, milled and silver plated brass hour ring with second indication. Movement JE

1/4 key wind movement with Swiss style escapement (11 jewels with screw balance), pinned chime drum with triple chime (Westminster, St. Michael and Whittington) on 8-rod gong, run time 7 days, plate size 100 x 104 x 2,0 mm, 6 Aeterna bronce bushings (2nd wheel), removable spring barrels, anti-snap-back winding, second indication, front or rear winding, chime shut-off and permanent night time shut-off between 10.00 PM and 7.15 AM. For additional information see movement price list UPW.

Kieninger - Mantel Clock Silver

SKU: 1226-02-04