Medium Pocket Knife with LED Light

No matter if you conquer the highest summit or simply enjoy a relaxing weekend camping at the lake, the Traveller Lite is the perfect companion. Let's keep it simple: it has it all. With 30 functions including an altimeter, a timer and an LED light, the Traveller Lite will help you conquer the day from the moment you wake up at dawn to watch the sunrise over the mountains.

Traveller Lite

SKU: 1.7905.AVT
    1. large blade
    2. small blade
    3. corkscrew
    4. mini screwdriver
    5. reamer, punch and sewing awl
    6. can opener
    7. screwdriver 3 mm
    8. bottle opener
    9. screwdriver 6 mm
    10. wire stripper
    11. scissors
    12. multipurpose hook
    13. nail file
    14. key ring
    15. toothpick
    16. tweezers
    17. Phillips screwdriver 1/2
    18. digital watch (12h)
    19. digital watch (24h)
    20. countdown
    21. timer
    22. altimeter (m)
    23. altimeter (feet)
    24. barometer
    25. thermometer (°C)
    26. thermometer (°F)
    27. alarm
    28. pressurized ballpoint pen
    29. pin, stainless steel
    30. LED

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