Medium Pocket Knife with 21 Functions Embrace change, explore new horizons, progress everyday... This is what the Evolution collection is about. With the Evolution Grip S557 model, we bring you the perfect tool for your everyday adventures. It features all the functions you need with specially formed scales that offer outstanding grip and stability. Work faster and easier with this little bit of evolution that fits in your pocket.

Evolution Grip S557

SKU: 2.5223.SC
    1. key ring
    2. toothpick
    3. tweezers
    4. large blade
    5. nail file
    6. nail cleaner
    7. corkscrew
    8. bottle opener
    9. screwdriver 5 mm
    10. wire stripper
    11. can opener
    12. screwdriver 3 mm
    13. reamer, punch and sewing awl
    14. Phillips screwdriver 1/2
    15. universal wrench M3, M4, M5
    16. scissors
    17. pliers
    18. wire crimping tool
    19. wire cutter
    20. nut wrench
    21. adjustable opening