Engstler® Clocks - Black Forest cuckoo clocks

"Engstler Uhren" from Villingen-Schwenningen is a family business with heart and passion. With great attention to detail, special cuckoo clocks are produced in the third generation, which are combined with the latest technical possibilities. Engstler Cuckoo Clocks was founded in Villingen by Josef Engstler in 1952 and is now run by the third generation of Gerold Engstler. The cuckoo clock maker hopes this will remain the case in the future and that the fourth generation of the family will continue to do so at some point. They are supported by 20 additional employees and decorators. Engstler Uhren devotes a lot of time and attention to detail to equip their cuckoo clocks, so there is something for everyone in the range. The characters come from the famous Val Gardena in South Tyrol, the boxes are made of local lime wood. With regard to watch movements, the family draws entirely on the experience of the Black Forest watch region and draws them directly from the region. On the other hand, they are still determined to advance innovations and developments. The first quartz clock for cuckoo clocks was developed by Engstler; For years, they have been the sole supplier of quartz watches. Engstler Uhren is also not afraid to take on particular challenges to carry out exciting projects. For example, a MINI watch in which the car of the same name came out of the case instead of the cuckoo clock.  Maintaining a deep connection with your own region and your family while keeping an open eye on new ideas - this is the recipe for the success of Engstler Uhren Villingen-Schwenningen, with which they have established themselves on the market since 1952.

Cuckoo clock 710QMT